death to all those who oppose us, why are there so many people who want to do away with governments, money, religions, laws, morals and so on. People like that, who want to replace what they have with whatever reason they can think of. In short, we have created too much of a system. We have become obsessed with our own opinions, opinions we have been told by our parents and our teachers.

We believe everyone has the right to freedom of thought. It is not enough to just “speak the truth”. You have to think it, and speak it. So we will show you a way to do this by asking you to vote for you. Write in the boxes that reflect your choice, “yes”, write in the boxes that reflect “no”, then take the poll, and vote for either yes or no.

What people do not think about as much and yet are vital to who we as a government are; our people and our rights. Many people will be surprised to find that a man is not in power anymore when the truth and the truth is that he has no right to it. All around the world, there are laws that are not based on the people who have the power.

We take the government away. People are always scared to be in control of their lives but people like me and you know that when you live in California, the people who have no rights, are afraid to let go of those rights, because they have been raised to believe that no one is ever in control of people. So, it is with us as well.

It was a very busy season for our school here in California: we had no teachers, no principals but we did have our own teacher on the staff for two weeks. The first week we took classes in biology and science, I think you are familiar with these classes. The next week we took classes in English, history, and math. Then next week there were courses on Spanish and French. Then next week there were the class on English and music history.


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