We love to mock and deride our opponents and say they’re evil.

But I will never join a band like Death to all who oppose me for they are evil. I was born into a very conservative family and grew up with a fear of the truth. As children, we were taught to be afraid and ashamed with our every move. They taught me to be afraid and ashamed of my actions and my very existence.

I am a social person. I think first and foremost about others. That is how I have made friends, and they have welcomed me into their circles. I do not give out my personal opinions unless someone asks me to. I understand that others may have a contrary opinion. Blog: a new world order, Old blog: I hate “dodging the last man in the queue”! I am a fan of “new world order”.

There’s always an excuse to say I’m wrong. Its’ not what we are supposed to do, its’ what we do.

We all have so many good reasons as to why we shouldnt be doing what we do, even if its’ not in your best interest. Why should you have to listen another person for your decision isnt right. If you love something, you should feel it.

The best reason I could give this post is that life is too short to go to the extreme one could go. If it takes a lot of time for something to happen, you dont have time left to wait. When we get too emotionally tied to the outcome of a situation, we start to dwell on the pain we shouldnt be inflicting on each other.

I was born on a very small farm. I grew up with my family in the countryside, in a house with no electricity. I don’t know how I’ve survived in the city and this farm, how I’ve survived here, and how I’ve lived it. I’ve been raised to believe that I cannot live for anyone else without first giving myself to that person. The hard work is just so much harder back in nature, I just can’t take anymore.

I’m a pretty simple kind of girl. I dont like being treated like an animal, like a piece of property just waiting for any excuse to leave to leave from. I am the type of girl that gives her best effort every time she dares step out on to the floor because for some reason, I care that much about my outfit on that cold, windy day.

I dont enjoy this lifestyle. Ive had a very hard time being a wife because I know my husband isnt the one you want to be with, and I just cant accept that I have spent my whole life with someone who I didnt want to be with.

That man is an absolute monster.


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