As a parent who lost her son this week, I found myself asking the most fundamental question: Why did it have to die? In my case, there was a tragic error in the family health history; it was not only her. My son’s death has no doubt inspired me. Death should not have taken my son. I’m sure that everyone is praying for everyone’s loved ones and their safety.

The death of children have no doubt had an impact on how I have lived and will continue to live. When this tragedy happened, I also became a better person. The death of my son motivated me to stop beating myself up for anything that I thought was wrong with him. My son was an adult; it was time to let go. In my mind I now understand that while he loved me for all of our good times, our times together were also his life.

This blog offers the reader a short and to the point introduction to the subject and then gives the reader the opportunity to create their own posts to help readers in their grief, as well as the opportunity to share their own views on the subject. The reader also can post questions and comments.

The post is to help you to help me write my own post about my sons death and it is also about time I take the opportunity to speak and share some thoughts on the subject with the readers.

It has been said “God can show you the way, or you can go to him”. The problem in life is not having some sort of guide, but a lack of some type of knowledge. When we are born into the world we do not have no clue about the world around us, so the more we know the better off we will be, hence the need for wisdom. Having some idea about how to live and how to achieve we need wisdom is the first step..

I wanted to put some links for you to download for the summer, but I feel I am being overly judgmental. We did not come here to be judged, we came here for the experience and you did what we can to help. I will work on it this Monday or whenever you feel the most productive to put some links for you to download. The links are also a way to help you improve your blog as well.

It is our view that the world is moving toward a world of less diversity in nature. We believe an open and supportive environment is critical to the success of humanity, if not the planet, and in turn helps us reach new heights! The need for change is obvious. We are not alone in the movement that is occurring; there are others leading the way that share our view.


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