At least this is what the owner has told his company. They’re also claiming that their device will not cause a death, but if this is true, then our society seems destined to be transformed into something akin to a zombie virus-induced state by the end of the year.

Yes, death is a natural part of our life cycle and, as the owner of a company, it is our duty as humans to take care of our body and health. We must ensure that we stay physically active and stay healthy, or we will slowly succumb. The idea of death is like being robbed by a robber who has the right of killing you in return for what he wants.

When it comes to death, death is NOT a natural part of life! This is a social construct where we live our lives according to what society deems acceptable to it. To make a good death is not to have your organs ripped out of your body and then put in an oven for an hour and a half. We must use natural medicine and eat what we want. However, how we eat and exercise must match how the owner of the company feels.

This company should be considered unsafe to begin with, if it is true that the devices they are selling are harmless. We must always keep an eye on the companies that are selling these kind of devices to prevent us from being led to believe otherwise while our body is still in that state.

Death is not an event in our day-to-day routine. It is an illness that comes with a long lasting negative effect. As long as we keep our bodies healthy, disease can’t be expected to be frequent. When we do, its usually from an old infection brought back and now there is an entire army of viruses at full strength, attacking the body. Death is a natural part of life as well and should always be treated as such.


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