One of the benefits of a gym or running club is having the chance to be active and burn some calories. Unfortunately, running shoes often leave a significant environmental impact and are an environmental liability. In recent times, the use of recycled and alternative materials has become more prevalent. Deadweight Loss is when the increase in weight from an inefficient _____ results in a decrease in _____.

We’re all at different weights, but if you’re going to make changes, it helps if you weigh yourself once a week. That way, you’ll be using your scale not just daily for your weight, but for every other indicator of your health. Once a week is also a good time to get outside and get a new bike or run your favorite route again.

Exercise doesn’t work if youre doing it at a high level, with no accountability or results. You must feel accountable to your own personal exercise and diet goals and they don’t work if you’re not there with your own personal fitness coach or nutritionist. Exercise is more about finding a balance between what you do naturally and your lifestyle than giving you prescriptions that sound good but will not work.


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