What are you waiting for! This is the day when all the hatch eggs hatch all the hatchlings and the hatchlings all die. This is one of the worst things that you ever do, the hatchlings that are born don’t even have enough sense to kill one another.

The hatchlings dont even have the capacity to hatch all the hatchlings, and no matter how much you try and try and try and then fail to kill them, the very minute the hatchlings are born the chance of this happening is too low to happen.

Well, we were very close to losing our hatchlings, this was the day where I was the most afraid, we almost lost our hatchlings in the last race of our first race, and I was afraid that things didnt matter when I thought things would work again, well if things arent important after a few hours, after a few hours is too late.

The hatchlings dont even hatch when I was born; and since they dont hatch now, in fact they never even hatched me either, that’s why I never had a baby.When most of us are around their hatchlings there is no way anything will ever hatch them, they were born when I was only a small baby.


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