We are a company devoted to designing and manufacturing high quality products, that satisfy every desire of modern man. We create high-tech products that are simple and yet functional. We build the best iron cookware and food storage containers and cooktops on the whole earth. We manufacture various types of durable iron kitchen tools and other kitchen appliances. Our iron range, iron pots and pans, grills, frying pans and bake baskets are manufactured from the finest quality iron material.

Our range of products, combined with our commitment to sustainability have created our brand as one of the finest companies in the world. The new blog discusses some of our products and their uses as they relate to each other.

The new blog starts out by discussing the future of iron cookware.

Iron cookware is a perfect gift for any home cook or any special occasion. We have created a cook with all things at hand. Be a cook, not a chef! It doesn work! A wonderful new blog will focus on making cooking easy and fun. We will discuss ways to make cooking less intimidating, and how to easily cook using just your mouth, your body, and those wonderful cookware tools. A lot more people need to be able to cook.

The best kitchen was made by the man. In order to create the best kitchen, the greatest person has been working on it for over five years. His name is D. Brian Holmes. D. Brian Holmes was so clever, it’s not even possible to describe. No one will ever understand how he made a kitchen, it’s like a black magic act. D.B. has a brilliant vision of a kitchen.

D.B. Holmes’s Kitchen. Old blog: If you enjoy the great ideas in this blog of a successful marriage, then you will like D.B. Holmes’ Kitchen. D.B.’s Kitchen is a brand that creates and designs all manner of kitchenware. We take on the challenge of creating a kitchen that is the ‘one piece man’s dream’.


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