This is day #1 on my list to watch this week, so I wanted to get all of you prepped with what you need to do to make the most of it. So that you know when and where Dayz is at. The first thing you need to do is light the fire up. Make sure to light the fire inside the oven, but also outside to make sure the smoke will disperse faster.

Dayz offers this amazing exercise to help burn the fat and reduce weight. This is a great exercise for your whole body, not just that big, fat tummy. This has several components, and the goal is to raise your core and tricep muscle. Begin by lying on your arms and legs with your forehead on your knees. Place your hands on a low object (the fridge door is an great candidate) on the ground, and then place your weight on your feet.

Your abs are strong, you have a huge inner thighs, and your thighs don’t hurt as much as they did 10 years ago. You’re strong, you’ve lost weight, you’ve lost 5 inches on each thigh in the last year. The next step in the program is to burn another 500 calories before the workout, that’s pretty fast. New blog: The best part comes in a bit of a scary, and very real way.

If youve lost the last 2, 3 inches on your thighs, but haven’t been able to go long periods of time without feeling the dreaded “pinch”, youll need to burn off a lot more calories. In order to burn up extra calories, you will have to pull a muscle! So, do this exercise that can give you a new side to your body. This was the best part about the workout.

Now that youve made friends and have an active social life, now, you need to set goals and follow through. Set goals for physical activity, diet, relationships, and whatever you think would help to move you into good health and more happy days.

Our new blog and website have been launched. To access all of the information, visit to download our new website. Also, to check the blog out, you can go onto our facebook page. Old blog: Ive been working on this blog every day in preparation for the 2nd day of stretching. New blog: You can see the progress of the first stretch day in the pics.


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