You’re probably already aware of the importance of building links for your website and you’re likely already pretty good at it. But if you want to build links through crypto currency of ICO Promotion, then there are some definite things that you should know.

We’ll go over things that I wish I had known earlier with regards to cryptocurrency link building and which will hopefully give you a leg up on the competition in this increasingly crowded arena: 

1. Spend before You Earn

This is kind of obvious in the current environment but you’d be surprised at how many websites are skimping on their link building and spending their time earning crypto instead. When you spend time earning crypto, your earning potential is limited solely to your investment. 

This can go very wrong if you overspend or if you’re simply not getting rewarded for the work that you should have already earned. If your investment gets luckier than expected, then great! But if not, then don’t waste your time or money going after anything “just because it sounds good” or for any reason other than going after what you should be targeting based on the data that you’ve accumulated through an analysis of external factors (links). This is especially important if you’re not building links at a rate that you should be, or if you’ve already built up sufficient data to have a good idea as to what your target should be. 

If all is going well, then I recommend leaving it in the ground for a few months or even years and just let it sit. There are some very, very strong cryptocurrencies from which to choose when it comes to link building. My favorites include Dash, Feathercoin and Peercoin amongst others (specifically the above plus Monero). The strongest link building opportunities will be in a few years time once those currencies become more widely recognized and this is what will determine whether or not it’s worth going after at this time.

2. Sign Up for ClixSense

This is a site that I’ve long used to sign up for their “Link-to-cash” program. They allow you to list your URL on their website and you can also apply for “link dollars” in return for placing ads on their website. It’s an easy process that allows you to accept link dollars as payment for links placed on your website and again, it’s simply a matter of applying through their website and clicking on the button to start claiming links. Do keep an eye out for their upcoming “referral” program though as it could mean big things for those with large amounts of cryptocurrency holdings. Find our site list here.

3. Use Coindex

Another one of my favorite sites to use for link building and earning crypto is Coindex. Another easy process, you simply sign up for an account on Coindex by clicking here and then select the “link-to-cash” application link from the dropdown menu after signing in. You can then upload your HTML and CSS files (becoming a content provider) and once approved you can begin uploading code snippets which will then be served to your adverts. 

Once approved, it’s simply a matter of ticking the box next to each code snippet that you would like to have included in your advert before submitting your advert. 

Once approved, simply click on your advert and check out the stats for how many clicks it’s received at that point. If everything is going well, then you can continue to submit advert URLs and you can begin earning money from adverts that you’ve placed while also making use of the Adsense system to earn some extra through contextual advertising. This is great as it means that even if your website isn’t monetized through adsense, you’ll still be able to make some extra cash by using Coindex for seo service.

4. Use Your Browser via Crypto

For browsers with a cryptocurrency wallet such as Firefox (which is Firefox desktop) or Brave I’d highly recommend using it alongside Coindex to earn both crypto and earn further crypto through Coindex. 

Brave is a browser that’s currently in development and has a really slick interface. The best thing about it though is that you can earn crypto while you browse! Watch the video below to learn more about how to set Brave up, how it works, and how you can benefit from using Brave while you browse.

5. Use Crypto in Your Subject Lines

Just like with any link building, make sure that your subject lines are going to be effective. This means making sure that the message is clear and the subject gets right to the point. However, if you’re using a cryptocurrency wallet such as Coindex, then I recommend using your subject line to let people know that you’re available to trade. 

This is a kind of in-your-face tactic but the fact is that there are plenty of “crypto-guru’s” out there trying to sell their information and they’re not exactly successful at token marketing. Google trends shows that cryptocurrency has been rising rapidly over the last couple of years so there’s no reason to expect that this trend won’t continue at an above average rate for the foreseeable future.


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