You are probably familiar with the term “there are not enough hours in the day” if you own a small business. Days can be full quite fast once you consider all the administration tasks, emails, meeting with clients, and drafting proposals. Luckily, modern problems require modern solutions – and that’s exactly what Perth Mobile Tax business tools offer.

Technological advances in apps and software allow business owners to make work less stressful and to help them streamline their business. With the number of digital tools available, you can hesitate to make a move, and this is why we will share some recommendations below. 

Project Management 

If you’re trying to keep multiple balls in the air, a project management tool is going to be very useful to you. Tracking deadlines, appointments, and activities are very important. More so, to do it digitally. And these tools allow you do exactly that. Very straightforward and simple, yet efficient and effective. 

Additionally, these tools can be optimized to create events, tasks, and reminders automatically, and they can do it in a way to include details about the whereabouts and details of a meeting. Similar reminders can also be sent to your employees to know exactly what’s expected of them. The most popular ones are Asana and Trello, but you can read software reviews at Truely if you’d like to get familiar with a few others. 


In case you find yourself filling agreements and signing contracts all the time, you can consider opting for an E-signature tool. They are necessary in many cases where you can’t reach the client. All you need to do is add the email address, upload your documents, and add the recipients that need to receive your documents. 

These tools also usually have an option to determine the dates for signatures. From there, the app will send reminders automatically to all the parties that haven’t added a signature yet. Another great thing about these tools is that they support remote and geographically dispersed workplace environments. In addition, these are completely paperless and therefore considered to be a green option. 

Email Marketing 

Thanks to modern email marketing systems, it has never been this easy to keep your potential and regular customers updated on the latest news regarding your business. Additionally, you can now easily, and automatically inform your subscribers about any special promotions and offers you currently run within your workspace. 

The great thing about email marketing systems is that you don’t need to make your own email newsletter every time. They can help you to auto-generate it, do the A/B testing easily, and target users in just a matter of clicks. Analytics reports and granular campaign metrics are usually included in these tools too. 

Customer Support and Relationship Management

All small enterprises should use CRM software. A CRM system allows you to measure, manage, and track all touchpoints of your customer outreach and relationships. You get a central repository that tells you who is reading, opening, and receiving your emails. In addition, you get to know who’s visiting your site and notify you if you need more clients. 

In simple words, these tools use the collected data to analyze the data and then use it to recommend engagement steps and offer regular relationship checks. A CRM system can also be an excellent customer support system, which can only increase the value of your business. 

Human Resources Management

Usually, small business owners don’t have the resources to hire HR administrators, either part-time or full-time. These tools are able to take care of distributing important company announcements, shift scheduling, and even payroll. Basic HR support is also included in most software you can find on the market. However, you usually can’t go wrong with this type of software. 

Prompt and friendly customer service is what you’ll get if you decide to invest in HR management software. Still, you need to keep in mind that fees can be high with these, and that’s why you need to do the calculation before you invest any money into it. Also, you want to make sure that the software you choose is good enough in the long run. 

Accounting Programs

Luckily, modern accounting software can easily perform almost the same work as a bookkeeper or an accountant. Most of these systems can generate the required documentation for your tax return, keep track of expenses and income, handle invoicing, and many more. Additionally, these are usually very intuitive and user-friendly, so using one will be easy even for those who are not very literate in technology. 

A simple rule of thumb is to read online reviews on different types of accounting software. You don’t want to invest a ton of money on software that is designed for big corporations as that will just be a waste of money. You need something simple, yet effective, made to handle repetitive and boring tasks that you would usually outsource. 

Messaging In The Company

Relying on phone calls and email is going to slow your growth by a lot once you start getting noticed. This is why you need to invest in a collaboration tool that allows file sharing and chatting in real-time. The number of software that is designed for this can’t even be comprehended. The best advice we can give you is to go with one that will suit you the most, or the one that you’re familiar with. 

What you’re looking for in software of this type is simple management, simple installation, and a user-friendly interface. You want all your employees to be comfortable with using the software correctly. Most of these also have some type of a calendar or a planner included, and you can use this feature to set up meetings and determine important dates. 

Generally speaking, you want to avoid solutions that require third-party programs to be installed in order to protect the data. These options are not bad, but they do require you to invest more, which is completely necessary considering that there are many options with good security and maintenance. 


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