We’ve all heard people mention how tough it can be to work from home. The fact is, this is even harder on the Pictek family; they have the reputation for the highest quality customer service you can get. Pictek Software is a software services and tech services company on its own and has a reputation for offering a range of professional support services for customers in the company.

Weve put together some great tips for how successful we are in working from home. 9 Tips To Successfully Working From HomeWhen you are working from home and you are starting to get nervous about it weve put together 8 things that could help you. Blog: The 5 Worst Things You Could Do While Working From Home Old blog: This blog is about working from home, our advice is about how to be successful working from home.

Weve created 3 new blogs to help you deal with your first day working with customers, our new blog is a compilation of our most popular videos with tips from our own experience working from home. Blog The 5 Best Ways If You Work With Your Hands Do Work This blog talks about how to get the most from your hands so your business can grow with you by helping people with simple and effective home tools without hurting yourself.


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