The rise of the gaming community around the world and an ongoing push into the field of social media has seen many developers making use of creative writing and video games to communicate their messages to fans. In the same way as many writers and artists use words to express ideas, and games are an online activity, so the next generation of social media users will follow the footsteps of the pioneers who built Shepperd.

When I became a professional writer, I was never really into the written form and instead went for video games. What I found with Shepperd Brain Games is a way to let people have an opportunity to play the game themselves as an extension of what you are saying. As you read your text or watch your video, simply sit back and let the player have their own reaction.

These activities are all based on real relationships and emotions. It is like being married. The act of the play is to help you know what the other one is going through during this time. It gives you something to talk about with your partner and helps you create meaning through your relationship. And the thing that is even more important than the content on the screen — is to create a positive and engaging environment.


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