Verizon Advanced Devices Software Update is a free update for customers who have purchased Verizon’s VZW Voice & Data services. Designed initially for voice/data calling, VZW calls can now also be recorded. For more information about the update and its features, visit

For those who have had problems with this service, don’t worry. You can get the same features (voice recording and voice calling) regardless of how much you have paid for the service. Also a new feature will be introduced at the end of September: a new look for the VZW Customer Login.

The Verizon advanced devices software update is for customers who have purchased verizons voice services. The update is designed specifically for voice service records and voice calling. New blog: If you dont think that a blog is a necessary part of a professional business then the article below may not interest you. A blog is a good idea but it helps. Read on. Old blog: As a business owner, nothing gives you more insight into your business than to read about it.

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