Many of us have played around with some of the wonderful pieces of software that reside in our phones and other smart devices. In just the past few weeks, we here at the health website, Dr. Mercola, have found nine amazing ways that we can interact with our devices in a way that our health could be affected.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect it to get even better and more capable in the future. From this point forward, we as consumers would be in a strong position to do some of the following: Change our habits of eating and exercising in a healthy way that makes us feel good. Switch careers and move closer to our family, we all need connections and belonging.

Want to boost your metabolism? Make some healthier food choices? Get more active? There are tons of reasons! Want to get in shape? Want to be more creative and motivated? Here are just some of the ways that computers and mobile computing could affect your health.

Check out 8 of the best iPhone workouts and 8 of the best Android fitness software for running, cycling, and gym workouts. They were tested during research and analysis of the various health and fitness apps that have been available. While we were looking for more specific exercise programs to keep up the body weight exercises at a level that was suitable for most fitness levels, we couldn’t help but wonder if there wasn’t a more advanced program to be discovered.


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