It can be easy to feel like your job is no longer secure. It can feel like the tide of your job has turned. It can be easy to feel like it’s getting worse or at least that you can’t imagine this happening to you again. The last decade of the 20 century was a time of economic prosperity. It was the time in which consumers bought everything they needed, from food to cars to computers.

It can be easy to feel like your job is now obsolete in an industry that always seemed there always will be innovation. The thing is, that innovation didnt work in the 20 century. We need to look at what we did wrong first. Letting our job become obsolete would be one way of allowing it to pass. That is, its no longer needed for the work that was once done.

For those of us that use it once will we never use it again? It is hard to let go your job and find a way of making it valuable again. This is why technology is so important to any business. We need to continue to make use of it, because so long as they dont let up its tough to make that transition again. New blog: Its easier (for me at least) to simply stop using our jobs so we can begin using them with passion once again.

Its easy to feel like you are working in a dead-end job when times look different. People make the connection that it is better to stay put so they continue to pay their mortgage payments or their rent. Old blog: Jobs that will continue to exist in your life for decades to come can be really depressing if you dont love it enough to make it worth it. Things like that always get old and it does nothing to make it any better.

Technology is a part of our lives from the time we are born all the way through to the time we retire. A technology is a tool, a tool, and a tool. Without it you cant go anywhere, but you can still do as much good as you can with it.


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