The Houdini software is a series of interactive game-play developed from the early 1970’s to the mid 1990’s by John Houdini as a way for the Houdini Boys to interact with each other and have interactive experiences. The software was developed for the Atari 2600 and was originally distributed by Nintendo as a game packaged with the NES version of the Super Mario Bros. game.

Today we unveil the nine Houdini (software) secrets that have been exposed on the web in a series of articles written by our friends from the Houdini Boys and their friends, the Houdini Girls, and published by The Houdini School.

For many in the business of software development there is little to no difference from those in the movie industry that use a script, shoot, and film the actual movie. Those people are truly an exception.

It is not only the amount of money that you can save by investing in the Houdini system that is important. In addition to the game, the Houdini system includes training, consulting, workshops, software tutorials, and much more. Not only that you can work part-time, you can work online with the Houdini software. Even if your workstation is not Houdini enabled, you can still work online with the Houdini software.

The Houdini Girls tell you what the Houdini System is all about. This blog series was created to bring Houdini knowledge to our audience, as well as to encourage them to play more with the new Houdini software system. Old blog: Now you can download your favorite version of Houdini software on your computer, or make it a part of your exercise routine.


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