Nzxt Software Technologies, an online security tools company, has been on the news lately due to the theft of 1.5 billion Nzxt coins, or Bitcoins; and another 100,000 Nzxt dollars that were stolen from a Nzxt wallet.

The story of Nzxt is very interesting and should be shared and discussed widely. We at Nzxt have seen many security and Bitcoin theft cases in which our customers lose their assets in large number. However, we think that a good thing that happened, it is now safe to open new crypto wallets again, and you get your Nzxt coins back.

The security team of Nzxt, and their partners, continue processing security and other crypto transactions, which we thank you for, and we wish you good luck with your efforts.

The team from Nzxt have once again been named as the Best Nzxt Team at Cointelegraph’s “Security Blog Awards”. We are honoured to have received this honour and will be going to the next one. Blog: The Best of Nzxt: Bitcoin and Nzxt: Winners are decided in the field Old blog: This website is a list of all the winners from the Best of Nzxt Awards.

You don’t have to join this competition – simply click on the tab named “Best Of Nzxt Security”, and you will see a list of the blogs with the winners of several prizes. Congratulations and thank you from everyone at Nzxt. This is the very first edition of this competition.


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