The most important way for remote workers to do their jobs is by using an effective way to communicate with their supervisor. But if you want your workers to work in an environment of constant communication and learning, there is one thing that is essential.

Remote workers need to get a proper workflow on the move with the use of tools like Kanban, which can help them in the remote work environment, since a common tool in the market is in fact a remote worker. We are here to share our experience and knowledge on how we have been training Dragon software developers.

We have an awesome blog called HowToTrainDragon. We are currently working on it to learn more about Dragon and share our knowledge.

We introduce 9 best practices for building a well-functioning Kanban software application. Also, we cover one of the most important topics for teams that are working remotely: why does it matter? Why is it important? What can prevent you from doing a good job? Tests: The time has come when the tests should become a part of the daily routine, and we’re not talking about the tests you used last week.

This post is about two of the basic methods of working remotely — Kanban and agile. We also talk about how Kanban is a methodology for organizing the activities of a team. We introduce what is Kanban and also go over the importance of Kanban for teams. We cover the different types of Kanban boards, the best part is that we show the steps for each type of board New blog: This post is about how to organize the work of remote workers.


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