Coronavirus has changed the Intern industry forever! This blog is a quick 8-point summary of all the changes happening in the Intern software engineering program as we are transitioning into a new normal. If you have been looking for a new workplace or internship, don’t panic…it’s not that difficult. First, ask around. A lot of places are shut down, and I cannot vouch for the entire program — so check with other interns and alumni.

Coronavirus has changed many things. However, here’s where we hit the main change: the Intern program started recruiting in the first half of 2019. So you may not have heard of the Coronavirus and other related events before now. This blog is an overview of everything happening to Interns and alumni from this time frame, and the impacts they have on the software engineering profession as a whole.

All internships in a given industry are essentially interchangeable…until the industry shifts and they become entirely dissimilar. As a result, there is a need for new internships available from time to time. To be safe, if you are looking for a new job, make sure to reach out to your current employer and/or your former intern for advice regarding how to land the best possible job. Be careful on making career changes, or you may be left with nothing.

You know what I meant by that — the Coronavirus had a significant impact, even if for only a week or two. As an Intern, you will be a part of this transition. We have been advised to take precautions for as long as possible. You want to stay healthy and stay home, but I am also advising the Intern community to put a quick halt to social distancing strategies and stay indoors.


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