As a high school student, I got the itch to get into the technical field. I would like to learn how to code, design, and build software. I have done some of that with a C# project, but recently I decided to branch out (I haven’t finished yet… my focus is mostly on physics, though). I used the C# compiler, but I have begun looking into programming in the Visual C++ compiler (for my main projects).

To me, I found it easy and interesting that Asrock shipped a version of their C compiler that has the features to learn how to design, write, and debug C code quickly and effectively..

If you are a programmer who can’t create a product without someone having to write the code for you (and you haven’t got someone who can code you code you don’t understand), I want to help. It’s a great feeling to write some code; you have power. I want to help guide you to more freedom, better understanding of your computer, and more efficiency.I wrote this program to generate simple code (for C).

I built this program in 3 days on a laptop with my dad’s AsRock R500 and an old HP LaserJet. I started off by building a simple board game using the AsRock C compiler. I wanted to learn a bit more about how the compiler works but I wanted the code to look exactly as I wrote. This is basically my first time working on a Linux system. I had no experience using a command line but I wanted to learn.


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