The following list of 8 reasons why the recession and technology are linked in the most devastating manner possible comes courtesy of my dear friend and fellow blogger Rob Riggle, in his latest post: “8 Reasons You Can Blame the Recession on Astro A40” 1) You’re the one who should have known better. People who didn’t put their houses together last year knew that there were problems.

Astor calls them all the “dead and in the ground”, and when you look more closely, maybe you should take a look at what they have actually been doing while they were alive and while their assets were still in their possession. The folks at Astro A40 (who do such a good job of providing “in the news” updates) have been out in the community doing what they love for years.

We have been busy in the past few weeks helping the folks at Houston Astor University. I was lucky enough to attend two of the conferences this year and was able to attend one of the most intense one where there was a lot of attention paid to the A40.I was surprised at the number of Astro A40 attendees who came with suggestions to help their fellow A40 members.

We are all about helping others and there was no better way to do it in this recession.

I have the bad habit of seeing opportunities first, before they hit. As I look forward to the A40, I see a large array of problems out there which are very frustrating to me, and I know there are people like me who are struggling to deal with that as well. This year, everyone is working at it, and A40s are all about helping each other in those moments and on those projects when they seem to slip through their fingers.

The best part of this year was the incredible response we had from Astro A40 members. Thanks guys for being a part of Astro’s efforts! It makes you proud to see your efforts and dedication to the cause.

It seems that the Astros are a proud team of people who take advantage of opportunities given them, whether on a large or small scale. They don’t get the credit that others do because they go the extra mile to achieve the best for their club and the world at large.Astronauts that we have profiled have been more involved with club business than most. They make sure everyone is aware of what the Astros are doing and what their plans are because they want to know first.


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