Just when we’ve hit our first wall of software, when we’ve got some programming knowledge and it’s starting to feel easy, just when we’ve got that thing working, just when we’ve got a little of it working, there’s always some sort of glitch that you just have to go back and make sure that you know that that’s the solution which is just great and that sort of thing.

To be one of the first ones to solve this problem is just great. In fact, it was the first and only software which was programmed completely in C. (I cant remember his name at the moment) It was actually his job to set a precedence for me and it was awesome to work with. And, after our conversation, his work was the reason why my next project was going forward.

Now with a brand new line of computers, many of which are much more powerful, there always come a day or two in the job that are when you find that you cannot get it done. Its a good one. We found it yesterday.


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