When it comes to software, Moxie software is a product which many people overlook due to the fact that they were created by one of the largest video game companies out there, Electronic Arts. But Moxie Software has more than just that. For instance, Moxie’s new ‘G’ key was created to make easier keyboard use when writing down commands and ideas.

Instead of using a password and a keyboard to type all your thoughts, type them on a Moxie and type them to the screen. As an optional bonus, you can use it to write all your ideas down on a spreadsheet. This allows you to make notes for later while working on a presentation or an idea on paper.

In a few words, it is really easy, yet powerful software, that can be used to make your life easier. The app is designed for writers, teachers, software developers and anyone else who may need to organize a meeting or plan their day. You will only need it for half an hour a week and it gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to use, the apps is open source and will continue to be.

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