Logitech has announced that the G430 2nd Edition is going to be releasing, so why not save some money on your favorite piece of software that automatically saves all the information in your Logitech account? And don’t forget to check the features list or the specs for your G430 2nd Edition so you know that it has the features you are looking for.

So today is the perfect day to announce 8 super smart ways to save money on Logitech software. You dont have to spend much money and this can really cut down on the monthly recurring costs. Just click on the save this to my Logitech site link in your G430 2nd Edition Software section and you save 30% on the monthly recurring prices and there is a free $19.99 monthly subscription.

This is a new version of the software that saves all your data in your Logitech account and automatically syncs into your other accounts (like your Microsoft account for example) at the end of the year. This is something that most people do that they may be worried about – if they are paying for 2nd edition for example.

This is the second free version of the Logitech G430 software that lets you check your emails, use the web, download podcasts at all time, use your voice and many more features. You can set up this free version from October 31 2013 for around 20.99. It will only be for a limited time and i wouldnt be surprised if the free version comes at the end of the year.

In recent times youve heard of an app called LogMeIn, this is a free service that lets you set up a free web-based logon that lets you manage your email, phone, calendar of your phone, and most important of all, internet services. LogMeIn is now integrated with the mobile phone and tablet. It may be a small thing, but using such a thing is like going into the club and having a great time, while having a drink.

Many people tend to forget as they get older that there are so many things they can do that they used to do only when young, especially when it comes to exercising and using the other technologies that are available on our mobile phones! Youve seen on social media the people going off to the gym and trying to get in shape, the exercise videos which they have downloaded from the internet and then they upload and share for the public to see.


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