As a student of data analysis, I often find myself lost between the seemingly infinite choices and the inevitable choice to choose my own. After taking a look at some of these choices, there were seven mistakes I came across this week that I thought were worthy of discussion.

These are the mistakes you must avoid when you begin your career in the software development field. If you want to start a professional position, this article describes which mistakes your developers will make based on their previous experience.

For the uninitiated, it is really important to begin this topic when you are in a state of your mind. In other words, begin with the basic assumption that you are an idiot for not knowing that there is a better way, and then just follow along.The 7 dumb mistakes that will tank your thought-process.

There is much to say and some good stuff to read, so let’s get started.If you are considering programming for a purpose other than your own, here are seven mistakes you can make. We won’t list every mistake, but we did make them and they are all simple, easy to fix and generally not going to trip you up.Some of the mistakes we’ve pointed out that will cause you problems if you don’t take precautions.

This is the complete opposite of a good programmer, and it is true that we do not make a mistake by not correcting one. The last thing we want is to be thought of as a person who makes mistakes. The truth is though, most of us will most likely make many bugs due to inexperience. If this is not addressed correctly in your coding process, your programs will be much harder to maintain, and the chances are that you will create a lot of bugs.


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