The news is full of stories of how computer scientists are developing robots that are smarter than our daily devices. But is there much truth to their claims? According to the latest round of news reports, the idea of using AI to program robots to do our job seems science fiction, to say the least. So what are your chances of becoming the victim of this trend? There are only three things to keep in mind.

The most common fears about computers and artificial intelligence are the same kind of fear we might have for nanotechnology. We’re afraid that “we” are becoming “we”, and that we could lose our privacy and, indeed, our liberty. The most common fear that the media has is that people will be left out of this great opportunity. We just don’t want to be left out. We want to be part of the revolution. 1. We are going to be left out.

As technology advances and advances, even basic technologies such as email, computers, and television will advance at the same speed. As it does so, it will become more and more challenging to keep up. With the end of the dotcom bubble, we have become used to the fact that companies don’t need to advertise to reach the public.


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