I just wanted to share a little with you a little something that happened recently at a work place that really caught my eye. Let’s see, I don’t know if you remember seeing it before or it just popped up but at the end of September I was recently contacted by an executive at Signmaster. They were seeking new talent that had experience with online marketing in one of their signmaster software products and specifically at the marketing level.

I dont know if you have read what was said here previously, but this was more of a ‘novelty’ job as they were seeking someone who could perform certain tasks and not necessarily doing it for an actual paycheck but more so for their enjoyment to perform the task. The concept being that they would find someone who wasnt paid, just with the idea of having a fun job and more importantly with a good feeling that someone was having a good time.

The concept of my job is that its very much a job for pleasure where you get to do whatever work you want with no actual pay at all. Its essentially a paid vacation for me where you get paid for your time.

After a 2.5 year hiatus, I am sure youve been waiting impatiently for us to return and this is our fifth post on the blog. Since our last post, youve missed a lot of other exciting topics that have arisen over this time. I have now returned you to the world of signmaster software.

On the very first post, we introduced ourselves and talked a bit about what we do. Today, we continue our story on the history of signmaster in it’s current form and the various software solutions that they produce. We talk to signmaster about what signmaster is about and how its mission evolved and what drives signmaster (as well as any other organization) and why signmaster companies are the only places to get all this good stuff out of.

It’s not so much about what people do for, its really more about what people who do it think they should do for. For me the job has never been about what people think they’re supposed to do; it has always been about what I, as a person or the team that I work with, think it’s supposed to be about.

Signs, a free marketing automation software, has seen huge growth throughout the past few years. Since it is the only marketing automation software in the market, it has created many awesome integrations and extensions for signmaster software in addition to being an excellent platform for free online marketing. Here are ten of the best free solutions in marketing automation software for any type of business: Marketing automation integration Signmarketing-solutions-signmaster-software-marketing-automation.


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