Let’s be honest people: you need to lose weight when it comes to gaming. But, once you do, all that weight won’t just disappear, it might look like a weight-loss pill. The problem with that? Not many of us know what actually works and helps us shed pounds. If you’re a gamer, take heed to what the pros are saying. And they’re saying it’s the Razer Kiyo.

I dont use this for the reasons stated on the first blog. but i love the sound of Razer Kiyo. I personally use the Kiyo as a mouse pad and a set of keyboard pads when I am travelling. I have been using this with the gaming mice on my computer.

In the past month, Ive taken about a dozen of them and had great results. I had some trouble with the mouse, a problem I had thought I solved with a set of cheap mouse pads. However, it hadnt worked right. When I played and beat the game or played some other games. However, this issue with the mouse pad did not help me any better. Then, I just gave up the mouse pad and I was not satisfied with the results.

Razer Kiyo has come a long way. Once you get your hands on this latest mouse pad, you will be glad you did. It has features that will make your life easier. Its lighter, more durable, and more comfortable than a mouse pad or mice. The only thing is that you are not looking like a mouse pad, you are looking more like you are laying flat on your back when your looking around for a decent looking mouse pad.

In my opinion, Razer Kiyo is the real deal. And I am not the real deal. Me neither have a big keyboard, so I bought a Kiyo mouse pad. In a little while, I will be giving another opinion on this thing, cause now that I know its really worth. For those out there using the Kiyo pad for gaming, you will be very satisfied. But for everyone else, dont use it.


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