2018 and 2019 were a busy year filled with excitement and activity. With that excitement, we can expect to see a lot of software updates in the coming year, and there are a lot of them. Today, we bring you six exciting trends that will impact developers over the course of the coming year. One App & SDK: The next wave of software trends coming out in 2019 focus on iOS and Android! Bots: This is a trend related to software development.

This feature is becoming more and more popular. Bots are becoming more and more sophisticated and can do more than you may think. If you’re wondering what Bots can accomplish, all you really need is some imagination. The main purpose of bots, though, comes in the form of software and automation in it. New blog: This category is expected to rise as we grow, and we’ll continue to create exciting and innovative apps, as long as it happens in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence, the Age of Machines. This has already been a buzzword for several years now and it may not only be in AI, but it will be around in the workplace and our homes too. The term, however, is still extremely new, and still has some confusion associated with it. There are several companies and universities who are working hard to create technology to give AI something useful, but it is still early days.

This post is about the newest computer vision trend that will be coming out in 2018, AI assistants. It is a technology that can assist humans with tasks in the real world. It is similar in concept to AI in video games. Blog: 6 things to do in Paris in 2019 Old blog: In 2019, Paris will continue to be a city for the city, not a museum for the city. In particular, things to do in Paris will be changing and changing a lot.

This is only a post about Paris, but Paris itself will continue to be a city to experience. Paris will not change its shape but the environment in which it is living, both buildings and the atmosphere of the city. As long as it follows its own trend, Paris will be a city to experience in 2019. Blog 5 ways to improve on a diet that failed Old blog: A good way to improve your diet is to make some adjustments.

If youre just trying it out then, youre in good shape. You should start by doing simple things instead of trying to eat anything fancy. The more simple, the less time it takes to notice how much youre depriving yourself. It will only take you half your calories if you just go without that 5-spice powder but it could take a full day of work just to get it down.


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