If you can read and write and you can learn new programming languages fast, you need to see this job as your career. For the past couple of decades, the software testing industry has been stagnant. As a result, the top companies tend to be stuck at a very low level of quality, earning large discounts for outsourcing software testing. Now, this industry is changing. And the top companies are going to be changing fast.

In this age of information explosion and computerization, no matter what we say, the top companies will get the new technology to compete against them. If you are good at programming, whether it is for your career or for something else, that is not a bad job in future. Now is the most exciting time to be a software tester, because this job has become extremely complex and difficult-to-solve, not because of computers or software.

If you like data-driven applications where the company changes a few lines of code to enable a feature, you have probably been an early adopter of that new product. So if you are a data analyst, the company’s data management system will likely be the newest data platform. If data is not your primary field of expertise, then you have probably been an early adopter of a newer software that makes it possible for the company to do its analytics.

If you take a look at this page of Top 500 top companies in 2016, you will see that the majority of startups and mid-sized companies (which means companies with more than 100 employees) are in the Fortune 500 and were on top in the last four years of the last twelve.

As a software tester, you are now not only responsible for code review and testing but also for developing business applications that work well for the customer. Software that runs good on the platform without customer complaints is considered as a “win-win for the customer”, because the software can make a company more efficient and provide their valuable data; the company can reduce the cost and time needed to implement the software as the software is tested and tested better by the customer.

It is very important for software testers to know how and why software is written- that is the foundation of their skill, in time. When developing new products, an application that works well for an end customer will be considered as a winner. It just so happens that all software tested is a winner because of the end customers are the only ones that have the chance of being made profitable. Software that fails to work well in a small size company will become a major problem for the company.

There are few things in life beyond our control.

It is the time.

You can’t stop the flow.


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