We’re currently running a full-time internship program at SHAMSH with our co-founder and fellow student. They are responsible for developing and leading the development of new features and improvement of our products. Here is an interview with 5SoftwareEngineer2 about them and what the summer job is like. 1.

We had the opportunity to work with 5SoftwareEngineer2 on creating a new backend for their product.

Our team member’s internship was a huge benefit for our team, as he gave us the opportunity to do some internships without having to actually make money. We are now able to spend more time on our side projects. This is a huge benefit to not having to worry about money, as it allows us to focus on our other projects without having to worry so much about if we can find work. 2.

My partner and I attended SHAMSH after college. This is a university, with more than 30,000 students, but with very little job opportunities available to young adults and high tuition costs. To make matters worse, at this time it can cost thousands of dollars to live in New York City, even cheaper when you consider renting apartments to move, or in some cases renting to live in a dorm.


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