That’s right, I turned out a six-figure business using some of the latest tech in a long neglected side hustle! For many you think the Oculus VR platform is the answer to everything, but why not try some of the newer options out there? First, let’s look at what can go wrong with a VR system that costs as much as a new car.

While a VR system that requires a considerable expenditure of capital is definitely the way to go, newer systems now support an extensive array of VR experiences. These include, but aren’t limited to: AR, MOBAs, augmented reality, Virtual reality and virtual reality.

Lets look at how you can get the most out of these new advances. I’ll give you an example. A company called, Oculus, is one of the leaders in the VR industry and a pioneer in virtual reality development. They put together an app or game to help kids play the virtual world for them. This is an AR app. It can be called Minecraft and its one of the most iconic games of the VR revolution, today.

I will show you my six-figure business using VR tech by using this blog. Old blog: The Oculus VR app makes it easy to create, explore, and play the virtual world. You can even add 360-degree sounds in the VR world. Its so cool I cant even. The Oculus VR app helps kids play the virtual world for them. If you think this doesnnt make you a winner, you’re wrong.


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