There are people looking to get their free software testing done at this time of year and it’s likely not going to be the last minute software testing needs for Christmas. At that time, the need is for anything and everything from small requests to medium size requests with a lot of features. A full-time software tester typically works roughly 40 hours a week with a good salary with a base monthly salary of $130,000.

I have done some freelance software testing in the past for companies in general but since the holidays always come before the end of the year I had to prepare for the change in Christmas time and thus I went ahead and started some smaller projects. I have done this for small request or medium project with small cost so this is the perfect time to get paid for your small request.

If you really don’t know much about Software Testing and are just getting started, then I would definitely recommend it because it will be a great experience that you will not regret later when you look back. Here are a few resources that you might want to consider when it comes to these aspects.

With the latest in software testing tools and increasing in importance day after day, our customers are becoming more and more stressed out. They ask us to build their applications or perform maintenance or just for that reason don’t seem to care what they actually can do. We feel that if we can’t come up with something quick then we will be out of business. So it was a tough decision because there is no one perfect tool to do everything.

As much as the software testing community wants things to change, in fact it isnt going out of business. The software testing community is going into an age of innovation, creativity, and passion. Companies that have had success in the past are still around to lead the way so there are ways to do software testing. We have not seen the industry becoming “less” creative but rather being stronger.


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