There are many software vendors available on the market. What you need to keep in mind is that not all of these products will give you the results you want, even when you want them. So before you go out and jump in and decide which platform to use, be sure to look at the features and benefits of each platform and understand that they’re all intended to be able to do one thing.

Every software will protect your data when it is transmitted from your PC to your device. A protection layer is provided which may protect you from malicious attacks. But the key to protection, in the end, is in your hands. This means that you have to use your best judgement for what platform to use, the functionality, and features you want, and how much data you transmit/share over it.

Microsoft has already taken an oath promising not to sell or share Microsoft software with other people. This means that Microsoft knows that your privacy is important to you, so for you to be protected, in the end, it is in your best interest to be able to fully appreciate the security features of each and every software you use.

If you are a developer and you spend any time programming, you know that its a constant process of iteration where you work with code. But like every software, each product requires some time and effort, so if you are a developer and have not had the time to spend on any of your projects, consider going back to school and spend some time learning how to code from scratch.

“You must be working on it”, so I’m in! Old blog: I’m in. This is one of my big weaknesses, if you’re like me and have been thinking of doing something new, go for it.


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