3 Servicethief Ubuntu Software Myths, Debunked in 3 Minutes As you might already know, Ubuntu Linux is a very popular Linux distribution used by millions of people around the world, but it is also used by many people as a hobby. Therefore, we’ve decided to take the time to debunk some of these myths right here. So, without further ado, here are some 3 Servicethief Ubuntu Software Myths Debunked in 3 Minutes.

Ubuntu’s default theme is dark, but not in a “darker” way. Ubuntu has a dark theme, but its not just dark, it is also light, dark, dark, dark, light, dark! But the light itself is quite bright.

The Ubuntu logo is green. I dont know how many people saw that coming, just because everyone knows green is an awesome color. Also, I feel like it represents my love for the Ubuntu project. I really like that green color. So, yes, Ubuntu has a very bright light blue theme. Old blog: The Ubuntu logo is golden, but not as the golden color seen on the Mac laptop computers.

This is the golden light blue theme, and by not using the purple color, it actually makes the Ubuntu logo look rather unprofessional compared to Mac laptop computers which have the golden color. The color is quite pretty, doesn’t it, though? And to answer that question: I use it all the time. I love to use it in the Ubuntu website, with my desktop and laptop computers.

Also, by not using the pink color, we can make the Ubuntu logo look rather like the Mac laptop computers. Old blog: Yeah, I have to say that I thought the Ubuntu logo was a bit too pretty, and I wanted it to be a little less cheerful. Well, the light blue theme seems to suit it well, I use both at home.

If you are a fan of the light blue color, this will make the Ubuntu logo look perfect! Old blog Blog: How To Have An Awesome Marriage! Old blog: It’s easy to fall into the cliché of trying to have everything, so that you don’t see what’s really missing.


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