Inspired By Software: Software inspires people to be creative – for fun, with their friends or in the workplace. It all comes down to how we use software tools and how we use them as inspiration. At Inspiration Software, we use a new generation of computer vision and machine learning algorithms to help inspire us to keep working on our craft. We use a variety of methods to gather and share data, as well as to collect and optimize learning algorithms.

Our software inspires us to become even more creative with our software and in a way that has never been created before. Inspiration software enables you and your co-workers to get creative and work together in an instant.

A new site is always a great thing! We use a new generation of tools called artificial intelligence and Machine Learning to help motivate us to work on our craft without worrying about the outcome. For example, we use it to help us work on projects (see “How can you be creative?”) to get new ideas, and to help us optimize learning algorithms.

We provide a wide variety of ways to get inspired with our software and tools, and to work together in an instant by giving you a wide variety of easy to access online resources. We hope our site inspires you to be more creative and achieve your most important goals. [This message has been edited 2 times, and will be fixed.] ____________________________________________________ You are now subscribed to the Daily Digest.

As a leader, you will make many promises that you cannot keep. In fact, you may not be capable of keeping even the most important vows – that of your future together. I’ve never had a good relationship with promises. It is our nature to believe big promises and make vows with little real meaning.


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