With thousands, if not hundreds of new software engineer jobs on offer, I’ll take any job, any opportunity, to get in this field. There are several reasons why I believe this to be the right industry for me and others today. To make it easy for other computer engineers to apply to jobs, many sites now exist that will help connect you to the best job.

For one, the Internet provides an avenue for engineers who wish to share their skills and knowledge so they can apply to openings. When someone is on the lookout for a software engineer position, they check out each of these sites, and often many of which are created by engineering students looking for work. One advantage of these sites is you are not limited to just engineers and have a broader base of candidates that you can contact for a job.

The first is to choose the right job and get it done right the first time. There is no such thing as a stupid job. Do not hire a software engineer who did nothing and has no skillset to do the job he applied for. For me, the right job goes beyond finding a job.

So many students are looking, even if they are just looking for a few hours, to find a job. This is fine. If you are smart, that is fine. However, do not spend time on a site just to find a job. Find what you are interested in. You can apply to several jobs in your field, and see what the job is like.

The most important thing is an employer would like to know why you want to apply. They realize you can change jobs pretty easily. However, employers are not interested in seeing a resume or even an email, so make sure you are sure you have the right experience and skills for the organization before you apply— even if it seems like you are applying for several positions at once.

A company that is not looking for a specific skill set is looking at someone with a strong background in software engineering. A company without a software engineering background may hire someone with knowledge of C++, web development, database design, or whatever it is that the company needs.


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