After being called one of the coolest phones out there, Corsair is now officially changing their name to “Shocking Donald Trump Tweets About Corsair K70”. This is in reference to the software which is currently being used by the Corsair K70 laptop. To date, several people have claimed the technology is incredibly innovative, something which Corsair has refused to release. They insist the claims are bogus because they do not work on their laptops, and it’s not a laptop at all.

It appears Donald Trump still believes that the new name for their product is a blatant attempt to hide their identity, and that he is a bad fit for their brand. For a company to not release their true address for their products is almost criminal.

Corsair has been quietly working with K7 Research who will be testing K70 keyboards on a number of different laptops. K7 Research are the same people who developed the Apple M9 keyboard but with a different name, they currently test laptop keyboards and develop new gaming keyboards, all of which are branded as K70. This brand has been with the company for over ten years and is currently researching their newest name, Corsair K70.

Since Trump is now considering rebranding the K70, Corsair are likely to change their name to Shocking Donald Trump Twitter About Corsair K70. This is a common approach by companies in general who are also using the name “Trump”.


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