Enterprises are on a path towards being more customer focused and more customer orientated. Yet not all enterprise software is available to everyday users. In fact, there’s actually a huge gap in this respect and if you’ve already invested the time and time waster into building enterprise software, then you’ve probably already missed the boat.

Enterprises today are very strategic in their choices and use of enterprise software. For example, your organization might focus its product on a single product, for example, a banking application or accounting application and then sell those on the client side. The best way to succeed in business is to create an awareness that Enterprise Software is a Service that provides value to customers and business partners, not just technical support.

This blog will help you to recognize how you should use your enterprise software to create value to customers. A well written blog will create a culture that motivates you to put your money where its mouth is and use it sensibly.

Get into business by creating a culture with a plan. And not just a plan. Thats why this blog is called “The Plan-B Blog”: the plan was a road trip or some such to get together with friends and use the blog to reflect on how you should use the products your enterprise has designed and the tools it has provided you with.

We dive behind the blog to uncover our 15 secrets and share a step by step process for creating the best products out there for Enterprises and their clients. You can read the blog here, but not everyone has the time to sit down and watch this entire series. It will help to watch this blog series and then check out the video here to see the products were writing about in detail.


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