Coronavirus pandemic brings about a new set of pressures and questions for many software startups and companies trying to survive the unprecedented situation. Here are just 15 of those startups. 1. Finserv — Finserv is an enterprise application service, which means that its customers will no longer need any human oversight in order to ensure their successful operations and security. 2. Google+ — Google+ will continue as long as people stay together.

Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean you should. Startups and organizations, including Google, are adapting their strategy to the new normal. The “new normal” is that you are not yet running your business from your home office. These companies should create a virtual office inside their offices that meets the needs of the business, while at the same time, they can fully utilize the benefits of the technology, including the ability to be “on the go”.

If you are a CEO or a head of a business organization, and you dont have the physical space for a team to work in, the most common solution is to use virtual offices, in such a way as, to move them around.

I want to be careful about making predictions about our future as humans. Although I think humanity is in good shape regarding being able to live long and happy lives, we are not perfect. When looking back from the future, I would hope that our society is better than we are today. We have a lot to learn from people around the world in the various fields that affect our lives.

The idea for this blog actually came from that of my father and his dream was to create a blog where readers would be informed about some of the important information that we are going to have in the next several weeks.


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