Most of you may be familiar with the Logitech G403 software which is the best gaming mouse in the world and also the best gaming mouse in the world. With all that we now have over our hands-on experience with the G403 software and to top it off, this was also available as a free product. Logitech G403 was actually created by Chris Coster, who is also the company’s CEO.

For the first year, Logitech gave free access to their G403 software so that you can test out the software without paying for it. At the end of the year and to commemorate the occasion, Logitech created an app called “30 Day Challenge”. In the challenge, you will get a chance to try the software yourself before you get the chance to win free hardware. New blog: This week’s challenge is to make 30 day’s use of the G403.

In this blog, I hope to convince you to try the free trial of the software so that you can have the option to try it out for yourself. Get $60 credit on your next purchase and get the game, G403 software for free and get a free gaming mouse. Logitech G403 is a wireless gaming mouse that is compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, and smartphones.

This is just a small sample of a lot of interesting things in 30 days. The purpose of my challenge is to use the G403 gaming mouse.

We unveil the free software to try and use the free software so that we can have a test drive with the software and then get the opportunity to win the hardware with 30 Day Challenge. We will reveal our favorite 30 Day Challenge article at the end here and will also unveil our own 30 Day Challenge.

The challenge is to use 30 days free G403 Software to test it out. If you are successful then you will get the opportunity to try the G403 in 30 days. If you are unable to make it in 30 days, then you can purchase the hardware for an additional credit of $200. Use the coupon code: HBC30 for 10% off your next gear.


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