If you’re a freelancer, then you’re a Bespoke software developer now. It’s a profession where you don’t just write code but are in charge of your client’s needs and workflow. The software business has come a long way from the day when developers were making phone calls using a pre-installed Wordpad.

These 14 truth about Bespoke are sure to help you become a freelance developer, the new profession of the future. If youre in the industry, these should have you scratching your head, and I mean SCREAMING.

The future is looking bright for freelance developers, and its already happening. As a freelance developer, you don’t have to be “in the know” in any sense of the word. You can be at your computer, reading the latest news, or learning from your fellow developers and other freelancers who have successfully implemented the software in their projects.

Are you a real freelancer? The industry of Bespoke is expanding at an astonishing rate, and you might be part of it. Not too long ago we had few freelancers, who spent up to 70% of their time working on their own. A recent study from a leading London-based software consultant firm found that 70% of developers were taking on extra work by freelancing, and some 95% are working exclusively on open source projects.


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