Every job is a bit like being in a relationship with a girl. Either you get bored with her or she gets bored with you. What happens in the beginning and the end of a job relationship? The best job is the only one you’ll ever have because you’re not going anywhere in between with her.

When youre bored in the day job. You probably have other hobbies that make you happy, right? Wrong! If youre constantly working on your favorite programming language or coding software, youre not able to find time for other hobbies. Youre addicted to a job that provides you with the income that you NEEDED to run your life. Just because youre doing software development at your own pace doesn’t mean youre not spending some time doing other hobbies.

In the long haul of a Software/Computer development career, your work will never be full-time. Some companies don’t want to pay you enough that s/he would be able to call you as much as you are getting paid. Some people are successful at a day job but fail because they spend all day trying to be the best software person that they can be. They fail at being that person because they spend all their time working.

If you want to be successful in the long haul but you fail at becoming a complete programmer, what are you doing? There are countless examples of Software engineers and software developers working long hours day after day to improve the quality of life.

Software engineering isnt the only game in town. In fact, there are tons of software engineering jobs out there and most of the jobs exist, if youre willing to spend some time looking them up. There could be a job that matches your skill level better for you, so read on to find out If youre bored in the day job. How to make your software development career work for you: Work a flexible schedule No. of work hours per week.

If youre a Softwaredeveloper in a team, your team will likely be at opposite ends of the country or continent. It may be hard to coordinate the effort to be at the same location at the exact same time. If this happens to be you, then at least you can plan for working from either side of the country.In my experience, you should definitely consider joining a startup where you have a large team that is all working together on a project.

The best part about working for a startup is you get to work for yourself, and you get to have the responsibility of leading your team. Also working for a startup can definitely save you time, money, and stress. It can help you build your reputation as a competent, experienced team member and developer.


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