By 2022, there will be an increase in software engineer jobs worldwide. In 2017, there were 1,100 software engineer jobs worldwide (Source). The job market is also predicted to get worse by 2022. In addition, the rise of the tech giant – Alphabet (Google) is one of the trends that will affect the demand for the job. In fact, there will be more and more young female engineers because they are better educated and well-versed in the technology.

If you want a job that is on trend (or will become trending) you can consider applying for jobs now using Google AdWords. AdWords is one of the free options available on the Internet where companies offer you to advertise your skills, talents, qualifications and education to the companies you select to send you jobs.

Technology companies are working on Artificial intelligence (AI) to improve and speed up their products. For example, Microsoft is working on a new generation of computers as well as the cloud-based technology. AI-powered services will definitely provide companies with a competitive edge and accelerate the pace of productivity. The new trend for companies will also support in the job market of 2022 which will offer jobs for senior executives because the roles of these executives as well as more diverse positions.

Artificial Intelligence AI is the latest innovation in the technology industry so the companies are searching for highly educated, talented and experienced candidates to work for them. A part of job ads for software engineer have this new trend for AI and the software engineer role is now a hot spot in the job market. According to the job listings, a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder shows that 55% of software engineers say they are interested in working in artificial intelligence AI and data analytics.

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The current trends and the best places to learn new skills with a computer Old blog: The world is constantly changing. There are always new technologies. If you wish to take advantage of the latest trends then, you will definitely have to learn new skills. That is true of every profession. If you want a career that will grow with you, follow these tips to learn new things and become a digital marketer.


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