Everyone knows the saying, ‘You can’t do all of the things that your boss wants you to do, but you might be able to do all of the things your boss doesn’t want you to do,’ But when your boss wants you to wear those bright silver suspenders that look like big, green hula girl tails (well, maybe that’s a stretch for you).

As mentioned in the previous article, a good plan of attack would include an actionable plan that is both realistic and attainable. It should include what is realistic and attainable. At the same time it should also include a deadline or an action that has to be completed. If you are not sure what that action should be, then your plan will fall flat and you will need to revise it to be realistic and attainable for your goals.

Not many people ever think about their work at work in their daily life. They just work and dont think about work. But what you need to keep thinking about for your workplace is, you need a new way to view your job that will make you more excited about work. What better way to realize how you are doing in your work than by looking out of the window and you will see that the stars are shining brightly as you are heading to work.

It really sounds silly but this is very true. One of the biggest mistakes you make when you do not look out for your vision is you set a deadline for your dream. This really is a great habit to get into in the morning and again at noon. What you want to do is plan for 3-5 hours a day to make sure you complete the job you are there to get done and then put this into action.

As I write this, I have the luxury of watching the sunrise one time each day. What a life time I get to experience the beauty of nature and the lightness of the atmosphere in the morning. As an artist I can go into a studio and paint, listen to music, dance, create art with friends, and even walk from one room to another with my eyes wide open. However, it is the time after work where I actually spend my time to create a masterpiece.

We reveal 8 more secrets of a successful marriage. We also reveal 8 more secrets of successful businesses, all of which you can master. This is not just about work, but about learning to live a meaningful and successful life. The only reason we are here is for the people in the family.


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