If you have software installed from Adobe’s website, you can also be put to sleep. Adobe’s Integrity Service keeps your computer from being compromised by malware and viruses. It scans all the software so it can’t do anything other than scanning. If there is a software signature that they have found on your computer, then they can’t remove it and they can’t be used on your computer ever again.

In order to disable the adobe integrity service it will require you to reset everything within the system. We suggest going through all software you have installed and reset them. When you have finished, turn off that security system, and you will have to go through each program and every setting on the computer.

After deleting the program from the computer, run the program again. To reset all of the settings and make sure everything is turned off again, hit the reset button. This is a great way to test the adobe software so you dont make the same mistake as someone else.

If the computer is connected to a home network, youll be using the security and safety of that network while running those programs online. This system is called the ‘Internet Explorer’. Using a computer connected to the Internet, you can use the ‘Internet Explorer’ to access various websites and programs. To be able to run programs online, you must have an internet connection, but not the entire internet.


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