This is like a series of things that were done with a computer in a video game; it’s so incredible, it’s unreal and we just had to share with you! The video above was filmed by Ryan Bialiuk and the title of the video is, The 13 unbelievable things you know you never knew about connection was aborted by software in machine.

The video above was created by Ryan Bialiuk who has been working with various tech companies in the area of connecting computers for a number of years. His video is not based on any specific company but, rather, it is intended for all to see and hopefully will inspire them. Feel free to comment on the video for anyone’s benefit as Ryan uses his time wisely.

Ryan uses a very powerful tool that he created called the ‘Shake It and Go’ concept to have conversations. This is a very powerful tool that is used by all of his listeners, and they are always so informative and interesting. The technology behind it is actually very simple to understand, the reason for this, and the way it works? You can shake it and go, or you can shake it and go with what the person says and this becomes your basis of discussion.

Connecting computers using the Shake It and Go concept Old blog: This is very simple, use a cell phone and a computer as a cell phone will always know what the computer is doing and a cell phone connected to a computer will be able to connect easily. Connecting computers using this cell phone will be very easy, all you need is a cell phone and a computer.

This is a simple system, using any number of cell phones, an iPad, an Xbox 360, or even a Playstation 3. Simply plug the cell phone that it will receive in one of those devices, plug them both in and you have an instant connection to be used while in the same room or place. If you connect 2 cell phones to the same device you have a 3G device.

While this may seem silly it does mean that you can not be distracted. You can also connect more computers as you can take 3 computers and put them in one room. All of the programs will run on 2 computers. Internet Connection Dangerous Things I was told to make a phone call and I didn’t know which service provider, Verizon the company that sold me my phone, didn’t know what the Verizon app was and didn’t know to turn the phone on…


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