The way we look at technology today is changing before our eyes. In recent times, smartphones and computers are becoming more powerful, while web-based applications and smartphones are now replacing the traditional office environment as the way to work. This change in the way we view the world has sparked a variety of trends. At Shlosh, we work to provide the very finest technology tools for our engineers to become smarter, better and more productive by studying and adopting the best tech-wise tools available.

Tech tools, whether they be laptops or smartphones, are a great tool that offers many benefits aside from mere performance. They have the potential to change how we as individuals view the world which could give us inspiration and new perspective, it is true. However we cannot deny that today’s tech tools are not only fast and efficient, but are also very effective for us to do useful work as well. Therefore, we strongly feel that the following advice should be applied: 1.

In the past few weeks, the whole world has been abuzz with news stories of hacktivist groups that have disrupted banks and a variety of sites and have caused panic. In many of those sites and sites like them there are a lot of great posts and videos which are well worth reading.


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