Do you want to enjoy the convenience of a smartphone or a tablet to control your gaming, or are you actually looking for a gaming console at which to play? Well, your best bet is always to save a few bucks and turn to the best gaming console. If you want to use your gaming PC or console to play games using any of its gaming software, the Razer Seiren X will change everything.

All you have to do is launch your Razer Seiren X. Then, choose your favorite media app from a list of hundreds to launch with, to the world of gaming experience you might never have dreamed. How do you know the game you’re going to play? As you walk in the door, the light of a television camera will flash, and the player name displayed on your console screen will confirm that you are ready to launch.

Now you know what the player name means, you can launch the game you have selected. After the game launching, your console screen lights up, and the game loading indicator will appear while the gameplay is starting. As the image loading starts, and you are playing, your screen will display the score indicator. You can then adjust, and customize to match your preferences, or you can select the “save for later” option for quick game saves.


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