Last April, I saw this tweet by Lady Gaga in which she revealed that she was working at Acresso Software, a company whose stock has lost more than 70% since the beginning of the year. This news brought an avalanche of negative attention to the stock price over the past three weeks, and this is why you may want to avoid being caught up in speculation.

Not only does this sound bad from an investor standpoint, it is bad for her as well as the company and its future. The company that has lost 70% of its value would never be the same again if a company as well as the one in the video were the victim. If these thoughts are making you sick then you shouldn’t be wasting your money buying into these false rumors.

We do not believe that there should be any more of such silly rumors in our lives. In fact being caught up in them, as a general rule, seems better in a long run, and is better for the company as well. As for how we are doing as investors, that too is normal. The thing with making new business ventures is that we tend to have different views of what is good for the company than the investors.

Having your cake and eating it too, you must look after your health by keeping your body fit and healthy. The one thing that we have done wrong most of the time has been not eating enough protein. A lot of women have been so focused on not going out and having fun that they forgot about their health and body. If you keep fit and keep healthy then you will be able to enjoy long hours in the gym when you really want to, and when you need to.

We would like to address this issue. The women in our group were at a loss as how or when to start dating anyone new. There is this misconception that you must be able to sleep with someone to have the man of your choice. If that is what you like then you will probably be in a great relationship now. It is much easier to get along with another woman if you are in a healthy relationship.


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